Flex And Goran

Stag Homme, the company who put in vogue fucking on Spanish roof tops,... [read more]

The Hitchhikers

Two very hot and half naked men happen to be stranded in the arid Iberian... [read more]

The Favor

Gabriel Vanderloo asks his friend Goran to do him a favor: trim the hairs... [read more]

The Math Tutor

Lovers of story-line porn will instantly fall in love with "The Math Tutor".... [read more]

My Straight Roommate Episode 3

Stag Homme presents Nicolas Taximan as Goran's straight roommate in the... [read more]


Wanna get rid of those icy winter blues? Stag Homme has exactly what you... [read more]

Into The Woods

[read more]


After a long day at work Goran comes home to find his boyfriend Damien... [read more]

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