Damien Crosse



Stag Tv - Season 2 Episode 4

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Indian Summer

There's quite a strong heat wave this autumn in Madrid and Stag Homme has... [read more]

Alandalus 2

Stag Homme takes you back to Al-Andalus, Moorish Iberia, where Arab passion... [read more]

The World in Gonzo - Episode One

Stag Homme brings you a new original series, "The World in Gonzo". The... [read more]

Mediterranean Summer

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30 Loads of Facials The Sequel - Season Finale

30 Loads of Facials The Sequel finally comes to an end in this very creamy... [read more]

Roof Cats

Roof Cats begins with TomyHawk & Damien Crosse smoking from the shisha... [read more]


"Spunk" stars Adrian Toledo and Damien Crosse in this colorful and vibrant... [read more]

Chef Goran

Stag Homme exclusive Goran shows you how he bakes cupcakes in this playful... [read more]

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